How does cold weather affect hair?

In the season of winter, the hair faces more dehydration, and the scalp gets itchy, leading to brittle hair. That is when you need to start taking care of your hair more properly in an effective manner.

If you have long hair and caring for them in winter is a big problem, then short layered hairstyles is a great option for you.

The scalp then requires nourishment and the ends as well — the indoor heat results in these issues that should be resolved as soon as possible. The hair gets static in the winter due to the scarcity of moisture and proper hydration.

Thus, just as we use moisturizers for nourishing our skin in the winters, our hairs need therapy too. Ignoring this task might lead to early baldness and many other issues.

There are measures to prevent your hair from being less prone to dehydration as follows:

Cut off alcohol:

The chemicals present in energy drinks and alcoholic beverages surely lead to an itchy scalp. Along with alcohol, it is suggested to avoid the high intake of sugar content and oily foods.

Avoid Stress:

Being anxious all the time over little things can result in early baldness, and it can also cause hormonal imbalance leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. It is suggested to live in peace and handle everything without getting worried.

No to rough hats:

The hats and caps that are too tight cause friction and thus, leading to stretched hair and its breakage. Therefore, caps with a rough fur texture require to be pulled out with caution. It is one of the possible effects of cold weather on hair that needs to be repaired.

How to prevent hair fall in cold weather?

The condition of cold weather affect hair at extreme levels, and at this point in time, hair needs utmost care and attention in terms of getting proper conditioning and nourishment.

Going for a hair fall treatment and hydration of your scalp is highly recommended here. There are therapies easily accessible to prevent your scalp from getting dried and filled with dandruff. It is also suggested to apply shampoos containing Shea  butter and various essential oils.

The hairs of women are more likely to get affected by cold as compared to the hair of men. The ladies are advised to involve a conditioner in their weekly hair care regimen.

The conditioning product is suggested to include fatty acids as well as soy protein. You should also massage with olive oil or coconut oil before taking a head bath.

By following these tricks, you can get healthy and nourished hair in cold weather as well.